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Krupa Prajapati Rose

Director, Design Head

I started my decade long design career, designing for brands like Gap, KFC, Suzuki, Hamleys, Jockey and Steve Madden. This opened up a whole new world of learning for me. Travelling extensively for these projects, very early on I picked up the nuances for what makes a space stand-out from the crowd and inspired me to start Lemondust in 2017. I’m a graduate in Interior design from Jain college and international post-graduate from NICC and this is where my love for design was encouraged and nurtured around their very unique perspective of teaching design. The foundation of design theory lies in a multidisciplinary approach to any space. Tying in all verticals - form, space, function, art, we design as a whole, as a living breathing embodiment of what will bring your space alive. Moving away from the isolated approach to a design, we were taught to appreciate materials in-depth and study it along with Photography and graphic designing to help envision what a space will look like when it is complete. The value-add of this kind of design thinking is immeasurable and necessary in today’s designs. I have imbibed this concept into Lemondust Studios as well and all our designers are able to design, not just artistically but also scientifically. Internet inspired design aside, we  take a very logical approach to design, understanding a client’s psychology, their lifestyle, requirements and functionality to finally add the midas touch of art. Our initial research on a client and the space allows us to predict how they would use the space and then build on that to take it to the next level of aesthetics and usage. The design eventually flows in such a way around the space that it becomes easy for a client and his/her family to adapt to the new space and make it their own. We put special emphasis on selection of materials, color palettes and textures that have a direct impact on a person’s mind and how he/she feels in a space. The proof of the pudding lies in its taste and you will see this reflected in the detailing that goes into this carefully crafted design flow that ensures our designs are unique and outstanding. This allows us to shape a better lifestyle for you along with designing your home.

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