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Krupa Prajapati Rose

Krupa Prajapati Rose

Founder, Director, Creative Head

I embarked on my design journey nearly two decades ago, marking the beginning of a rich and diverse career. My journey commenced with Design for premium Residential interiors, working in association with high-profile architects. The other facet of my professional journey has been in the field of Retail & Hospitality Design, evolving designs for prominent brands like GAP, Hamleys, Jockey and KFC. My specific focus has always been on delivering customer-centric design solutions for this wide spectrum of needs. The extensive experience thus acquired has granted me invaluable insights into what sets exceptional spaces apart – in terms of Aesthetics, Client specifics, Functionality and Reliability.

My educational background includes graduation in Interior Design from Jain College and an International Post Graduation in Retail Design from NICC – International College of Design & Technology. These esteemed institutions nurtured my passion for design and introduced me to unique perspective on design theory. I firmly believe in a multidisciplinary approach, where we weave together the intricacies of Innovative Design, Aesthetic Styling and Function to craft holistic living and working environments. Most importantly, my continuous updating and vendor networking keeps Lemondust at the cutting edge of integrating new materials, products and processes to enable outstanding innovation, which is unique yet practical and affordable.

A key difference in my approach is the elimination of Clients’ ‘pain points’ which I repeatedly observed during my long and varied experience in the field. Lemondust’s approach is uniquely specific to the elimination of these areas of client dissatisfaction. For instance, the Preview Renders shown to the client are literally photo-real, going to the extent of modelling specific products and fittings which are actually going to be integrated in the project – thus providing the client with a detailed and real preview of every space with its surfaces, fittings, furniture and appliances as they would actually be in the finished, executed design. Secondly, I have implemented a Single-Point Contact Policy where I myself take full responsibility for all aspects of Design and Execution, and am available to the client at any time for all matters pertaining to Design, Execution, Service or any other element of the project.

My Design Process is characterized by meticulous detailing, reflecting my commitment to creating unique and outstanding living and working spaces. I not only design aesthetically but also scientifically, working to enhance your lifestyle and tailor your spaces to your specific needs. I am passionate about delivering outstanding service and creating a hassle-free, transparent experience for clients while delivering and executing the implementation of personalised, client-specific, innovative Design, which gives joy and satisfaction to the client.

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