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Get to Know Us

Lemondust Studios, established in 2017, is a dynamic interior design firm led by Krupa Prajapati Rose, with 18 years of expertise in residential, corporate, and retail interiors. The company draws on the multi-disciplinary insights of Dr. Akash Kumar Rose to provide innovative design solutions and comprehensive turnkey services, maintaining a strong customer-centric focus. Together, they create spaces that are both unique and inspiring, pushing the boundaries of interior design.

Seeing is Believing

- Our Commitment in Action

Explore side-by-side comparisons of initial design concepts (renders) and the stunning final results (reality) of our projects. We pride ourselves on delivering exactly what we promise, ensuring that our clients' visions become a living, breathing part of their environments.

Our Services

At Lemondust Studios, we offer a wide array of design services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our main services, including Residential Design and Commercial Design, showcase our expertise in creating captivating living and working spaces.

But we don't stop there. Our commitment to innovation extends to other domains as well. We are well-equipped to take on Retail Design, Hospitality & Restaurant Design, and Product Design projects. With a passionate and skilled team, we transform ideas into reality, making every space and product we touch a testament to our creativity and commitment to excellence. Whether you're seeking to transform your home, office, or a commercial venture, Lemondust Studios is your partner in realizing your vision.

"Krupa and team are great at architecture, interior design and execution of interiors. Their designs are extremely customizable to the customer's preferences and tastes. From start to finish, Krupa herself is involved in all the aspects of the entire project. No matter the distance from their office, they were more than willing to visit as many times as necessary for successful execution of the interiors work. The quality of materials are also top notch.
The costs was reasonable and tuned to our budget. Definitely recommend Krupa and team for any interior designing work."

Mrs. Pooja

Accolades & Honours

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