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Brand Partners

We love!

The White Teak Company

White Teak Company is a treasured find for all intriguing and one-of-a-kind products. They specialize in Gorgeous Chandeliers, Classy Pendants & Ceiling Lights, Breathtaking Table & Floor Lamps, Dazzling Wall lights, Wirelessly Enabled Color and Intensity Changing Smart Lights and Alluring Home Décor Artifacts.

KBros Aristo Pvt Ltd

Our esteemed and reliable partners for all modular products, KBros is one of India's leading manufacturers for modular furniture. With a wide range of design options for shutters and sturdy carcasses, KBros was the natural choice for us to partner with for all our projects.

Skipper Furnishing

Our one-stop shop for everything related to furnishing and decor, Skipper is our trusted partner for all our projects since 2017. Housing top brands, across all budget ranges they easily cater to all your F&D requirements with timely deliveries and impeccable installation.

Philips Hue

Lights bring design alive and we rely on Philips Hue to add the extra touch of magic when it comes to lighting for all our projects. The brand name speaks for itself!

Chabbria & Sons

For all sanitary ware, tiling and stones, Chabbria & sons have been the go-to place since 1974. We intend to only bring you the best and Chabbria & sons allow us to accomplish this with ease.


For all Luxury imported stones we rely on HMG. They have helped us transform many a space into exquisite pieces of art with their beautifully curated range of products

RR Face Fabs

An innovative and interesting company in the field of Metal fabrication, RR Face fabs has a wide range of decorative stainless steel for architecture and interior design.

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